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If you’re in a situation wherein coping with everyday business computer issues has become a great deal of struggle, don’t suffer a minute longer. TechProComp Corp provides complete IT solutions and mobile computer repair assistance to keep your business up and running seamlessly.

Our technicians work on a fixed-price basis, which means you will know the cost of your repair needs beforehand and so can you put aside a budget accordingly.

We are capable of catering for big and small businesses that seek 24×7 computer support in Austin, TX, which is swift and reliable.

We minimize downtime and prevent potential losses – all this without making our presence too obvious or disturbing your overall work environment.

We have an extensive clientele which is mainly comprised of repeat customers and those who come through referrals. We value your time and money and so do we make it a point to wind up everything in the least time possible.

We not only repair computers,
but also sell them

We sell computer equipment and accessories with delivery, both in retail and in bulk. Served over the past year a lot of home and business customers. Of these, 70% return to us again.

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Small Business Computer Support and IT Services

Are you frantically typing issues into google to troubleshoot your small business IT situation?

Just wish a magical fairy would take away the suggestion of “turn it off and on again”?

Do you want someone who speaks plain English to just FIX IT?

The frustration isn’t worth the hassle – let an experienced business or home computer repair service take care of the problem!

Most small business owners are wearing plenty of hats without adding “IT consultant” to their list. Let TechProComp Corp help you with your small business IT support needs.

At the other end of the phone, or onsite, you can have experienced technicians establish and implement an IT support plan for your staff and business and have you running an effective workflow to minimize downtime


IT support small business partner

Having a managed small business support services team allows you to have a go-to – a partner company that speaks the IT language and can have your systems continually running, rather than only showing up when something goes wrong.

As any small business owner knows, time that isn’t spent dollar productive can have the business sliding backward fast, after all – time is money!

Don’t waste time on slow performance, emails crashing, systems needing constant rebooting and a list of other irritations that frustrate you with your IT infrastructure.

Call in your small business support services IT specialists and be engaged by quality support services who are here to help. Call us today to tailor a package to your needs.

Make that an IT support package

Consider having your business computer support turned into a package, so you know you won’t get nasty surprise bills and wait times when it comes to needing support fast.

TechProComp Corp tailors a custom package to your business to give you the most relevant service to your business.

No one likes to pay for services they don’t use, and packages can be full of great tools – that just don’t fit your business. We service businesses from a variety of sectors, which utilize different services, and require different levels of maintenance. It can be a case of the square peg round hole, unless you include only what you’ll need, with the option of calling in extra as you require it.

The unique ability to craft your package with the help of a small business IT support specialist makes it easy to say yes to IT help, without feeling sucked into a vortex of package inclusions or exclusions with no idea which way to go. Let TechProComp Corp help you with deciding what you require

  • remote support
  • 24/7 support
  • onsite support
  • and many other options unique to your position!

Considering what your business needs and tailoring a package that suits you is the most cost-effective way to run your small business IT support system.

Business Health Check – IT maintenance for your small business

We offer ongoing IT solutions and services, but all of those start with an onsite business health check. As with anything, prevention is better than a cure! We look at your current onsite computer support processes and offer evaluations and recommendations for bettering your service and maximizing the benefit of your systems to your business.

 Time spent waiting for your systems or troubleshooting recurring issues is time wasted, which could be saved with the know-how of a good IT service team being utilized before a problem occurring.

Most SMB’s won’t have an in-house IT department at the ready to solve all the day to day problems, like computer virus removal or data recovery. That’s why it’s good to know you have a small business IT support options like TechProComp Corp– who are exactly that – mobile computer experts