The process of backing up data in case of a loss, and setting up systems that allow that data to recover referred to backup and recovery. All data that is backed up requires copying and archiving computer data so that it can be accessible in any case of data deletion or corruption. Only backed up data from earlier times could be recovered. Every disaster recovery plan has to include data backup in its policy.

Systems data and settings can’t always be restored with data backup. Computer clusters, data servers, or active directory servers may need additional forms of disaster recovery. For them, recovery may not always be able to reconstitute them fully.

A great deal of data can be backed up using cloud storage, so archiving on local systems hard drive or using external is not always necessary. Mobile devices can be set up using cloud technologies, so that data can be recovered automatically.

If you’re like most businesses, backups and their reliability are a major worry. With cybersecurity threats increasing daily, you need to protect your critical information and intellectual property.

Backups and the ability to recover your IT systems have become one of the most important layers of protecting your business. Additionally, it’s one of the areas which causes the most stress and uncertainty.


How you’ll benefit

  • You’ll be sure of your backup’s reliability
  • Customized backups solutions to suit your business
  • Backup solutions that you will understand
  • Visibility into backups
  • Cost-effective solutions
  • Flexibility and scalability
  • Data retention to suit your requirements
  • Automated backups that don’t require any manual intervention from your staff
  • Backup monitoring included as part of your managed IT service
  • Fully documented solution

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